News and Updates

May 2024

June 2014 to June 2024

To honor our 10 years in business, save 10% when you purchase a Full Size, Stand Up, Bartop, or Pedestal Cabinet. Discount will be available from May 17 to June 30, 2024. Cabinets must be picked up or delivered before July 31, 2024. Discount will be applied to the price of the cabinet, does not apply to upgrades, delivery, shipping, or financing. This promotion does not apply to virtual pinball or driving cabinets.

May 2024

New video showing the features of the Virtual Pinball 49 cabinet.

May 2024

April 2024

The nice weather arrived, so Westmount Signs could update the outside of the store.

New Ghostbuster themed Retro 4 Player cabinet with Light Guns

February 2024

February 2024

Added 68 Sony PlayStation 2 Racing Games and 5 more Sega Dreamcast Racing Games to our Driving Cabinet, now up to 238 games.

February 2024

-Xbox One/Xbox S/Xbox X controllers now supported. Play Console and Arcade games using your Xbox controllers. 

January 2024

New T-Molding colors now available, Red, Blue, Black and Chrome (additional cost).

December 2023

New Retro 4 Player Cabinet. Link Full Size Arcade 27 – Retro 4 Player


November 2023

Coming Soon – 4 Player Retro Cabinet.

October 2023

Here’s a tour of our showroom and all the arcade cabinets we have to offer. If you are in the area, please stop by and check out the cabinets.


September 2023

Virtual Pinball SP and XP now have the option for 48″ 4K 138hz AOC monitor.

September 2023

Walk around of our new Full Size Sit Down Driving Cabinet, over 200 games, force feedback Logitech G29 Steering wheel with manual shifter, 32″ LCD Monitor, Subwoofer, LED under cabinet lighting.

August 2023

Introducing our new Full Size Retro Shooter Light Gun cabinet.  Play some of your classic favorites like Area 51, Nintendo Duck Hunt as well as some new favorites like Time Crisis 5, House of the Dead 4, Luigi’s Mansion.

August 2023

Updated photos of our showroom.

August 2023

New Dirty Drivin’ Floor model.

July 2023

Our New Sit Down Driving Cabinet has been finalized. Completely redesigned control panel / steering wheel. Photos have been uploaded to link below.

Sit Down Driving Cabinet Link

July 2023

Virtual Pinball 49 SP. We have a new Virtual Pinball on sale. Regular $8,499.99 on sale for $7,699.99. Full details on the link below.

Pinball 49 Special

June 2023

New Video demonstrating the Driving Cabinet Front End Menu system. Standard on our Stand Up Cabinet and optional on our Sit Down. Now has 154 driving games.

June 2023

New Sit Down Driving cabinet. Logitech G29 Force Feedback Steering Wheel compatible with PlayStation 4 and 5, 203 Games, 32″ Monitor, Adjustable Seat.

Sit Down Driving Cabinet Page

June 2023

Our new 49″ Virtual Pinball table with 687 Force Feedback tables. 4K 49″ LCD, 32″ Backglass, 15.6 LCD Display, Digital Plunger with Analog Input, 10 Solenoids, Shaker Motor, 8″ Subwoofer, Replay Knocker. Marvel Avengers floor model available for demonstrations. Link to Pinball Cabinet 49


May 2023

Added Sega Naomi Arcade games to the 1TB SSD drive. The additional 49 games includes, Dead or Alive 2 Millennium, Guilty Gear XX,  Monkey Ball,  Virtua Tennis 1 and 2, Power Stone 1 and 2, Sega Tetris, Virtua NBA, WWF Royal Rumble, Zero Gunner 2 and more.

May 2023

Customized Control Panels – we can now create custom controls panels for our Full Size, Stand Up and Bartop cabinets.

April 2023

Two new DIY Assembly  videos. Arcade Stick and Arcade Stick Stand.


April 2023

Mario Kart GP Driving Cabinet Walk Around Video.


April 2023

New Videos.

Light Gun Demonstration – Videos below show the 4 Player Pedestal with 40″ TV and single player Aimtrak Light Gun.

Stand Up Driving Demonstration – Videos below show how to use our driving cabinet standing up and sitting down using a bar stool

April 2023

New YouTube video – How to Assemble a Bartop and Bartop XL DIY cabinet.


April 2023

Virtual Pinball 43 Price Drop.

We have lowered the price of our Pinball 43″ from $5,099 to $4,499 plus tax. 

Link for Virtual Pinball 43

April 2023

Five new Racing demo videos using the 43″ Samsung gaming monitor, Batman, Cruis’n Blast, Mario Kart DX, Outrun 2 SP and Sega Rally 3.

Links below for the YouTube channel.

March 2023

Stand Up Driving Cabinet. Link for Stand Up Driving Cabinet 

New Stand Up Driving cabinet with 65 Arcade and Computer Racing games with Force Feedback steering wheel. Play some classics like Pole Position, Outrun or new arcade hits like, Batman, Fast & Furious Supercars, Sega Rally 3, Mario Kart GP, or Daytona USA 3. You can get the Driving cabinet with the PC or plug in your Play Station 4 / 5 or Xbox One / X or S.

February 2023

New Tutorial Video – How to Use Your Arcade Cabinet.

February 2023

In House Financing now available up to 60 months!

Secure online applications.

Details on our Financing Tab

February 2023

1 Year Warranty and Life Time Technical Support – We have updated our warranty from 3 months to 1 year for our Arcade Cabinets and Life Time Technical Support. This is also retroactive for past sales over the last year.

February 2023

Customized Chrome Swivel Bar Stools – Comfortable and functional. This sturdy double ring construction and stylish high gloss chrome finish make it perfect for any arcade environment.

Assembly Instructions

$119.99 +tax each with no logo on seat.

$149.99 +tax each with logo on seat.

December 2022

We are adding more Joysticks to choose from.

Ultimarc MagStick Plus (Adjustable 4 way or 8 way joystick) now available in black bat style, red bat style or red ball top.

Classic Ball Top (8 way joystick) – available in red ball top or red bat top.

Happ Bat Top (8 way joystick) – available in black bat top.

November 2022

29″ Bar Stools now available.

Heavy-duty chrome swivel stool is built to provide both comfort and function. Its sturdy double ring construction and stylish high gloss chrome finish make it perfect for any arcade environment.

November 2022

Update on Driving Cabinet progress.

Final version of the driving software, demo below.

Choice of Logitech G920 (Xbox/PC) or G29 (Playstaion/PC) force feedback steering wheel. 

Computer will be a 12th Gen i5, NVIDIA GTX 1660 GPU, 16gb RAM.

We are still finalizing the cabinet design, but similar to Mario Kart Arcade.

November 2022

Our new Virtual Pinball 43 is now available to play in our showroom and ready to accept orders.

October 2022

New Consoles added to the game line up. Nintendo Wii, Nintendo GameCube, Sega Dreamcast and Sony PlayStation 2 now available. The above consoles require a 4TB External Hard Drive, NVidia GT 1030 Graphics Card, 1TB SSD Hard Drive and a 6th Gen Intel CPU. Due to the requirement of a GPU it can only be added to the Full Size Classic, Full Size Retro, Stand Up and Full Size Pedestal. Link below to our upgrade page for more details and prices.

September 2022

Bartop XL Stand now available.

September 2022

Great News – We are moving! Sept 15, 2022 we move to our new 900 sq ft location at 1201 Franklin Blvd, Cambridge. 

Our showroom will have all our Arcade Cabinets on display to try out. Email us to book an appointment.

September 2022

Virtual Pinball coming in October 2022.

September 2022

New Kensington Wireless Trackballs. If your cabinet does not have the trackball option, you can now use the Kensington Wireless Trackball.

$59.99 plus HST

July 2022

New Red Ball-Top upgrade for Ultimarc Mag Stik Plus Joystick. Similar joystick used with Galaga, Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Dig Dig, Donkey Kong and many others. Requires the Mag Stik Plus Joystick upgrade.


May 2022

The new Home Arcade PCB board is available for the Arcade Stick and Do It Yourself kits. The Game Board has 6,296 games, including Arcade, NES, SNES, Genesis, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance and Turbo Grafx 16. The Arcade board also has 102 3/4 player games, 98 Trackball games.

$124.99 plus HST

Link > Arcade Board

April 2022

AimTrak Light Gun Now in Stock


March 2022

New Full Size Retro Cabinet available to order.

March 2022

New Bartop XL available to order.

March 2022

New Full Size Cabinet coming in April 2022. It has a vertical monitor for light gun.

March 2022

Updated Laser Disc games Dragon’s Lair, Dragon’s Lair II and Space Ace to Blu-ray HD quality video.

March 2022

The new Bartop XL prototype. A larger version of our Bartop 24 now with a 3″ Trackball. Available April 2022.

February 2022

New Arcade / Console Button Mapping Chart – See what buttons are linked to what commands in the Arcade and Console emulators.

November 2021

New Full Size 4 Player Arcade Pedestal. This new cabinet you can have 4 dedicated  players for TMNT, Sunset Riders, The Simpsons plus many others. You can also choose to have a 2 Player configuration. There is enough room on the control panel for a spinner or Tron flight stick.

Link for 4 Player Arcade Pedestal

List of 4 Player Games

October 2021

Upgrade your Arcade Legends 3 or Ultimate Arcade 3 from Chicago Gaming from 125 games to 10,070 games.

Link for Upgrade

October 2021

We now have a facebook account. Keep up to date with our new Cabinets and software upgrades.

The Home Arcade 

October 2021

Software update for Arcade Stick / Raspberry Pi4. 

September 2021

Software update is ready.

1. Deep Freeze & Igloo – Deep Freeze locks down the SSD to prevent any change due to power failures etc. Igloo will allow High Scores, Favorites, and Save States to remain on the hard drive.

2. Emulation – Updated to a newer version of MAME.

3. Favorites – You can now save your favorites in the Console games (NES, SNES, Genesis etc.).

4. HyperPause – This will allow the player to see original control panel from Arcade, Manuals for Console games, Save States, Controls for the players and other features while in the game.

5. Stable ID – Stable ID added for Xbox 360 Controller. This will keep the arcade control panel as the main configuration and alternate would be the Xbox 360 Controllers.

August 2021

Software update coming September 2021.

New features and upgrades,

– Add new software to Deep Freeze call Igloo. This will allow Deep Freeze to keep the main hard drive locked down, but allow certain folders to be updated. Like High Score, Favorites, and Save States.

– Updated to current version of MAME for Arcade and Console emulation.

– Add favorites to all Consoles. Now you can select your favorites to NES, Sega Genesis, Atari 2600 etc.

– Add new feature called Rocketlauncher Pause. This will allow the player to see original control panel from Arcade, Manuals for Console games, Save States, Controls for the players and other features while in the game.

– Stable ID added for Xbox 360 Controller. This will keep the arcade control panel as the main configuration and alternate would be the Xbox 360 Controllers. 

August 2021

8″ Subwoofer now available for Full Size and Stand Up Cabinets.

July 2021

Trackball for Stand Up 24″ Cabinet

We are now offering the Ultimarc U-Trak Trackball for the Stand Up cabinet. To squeeze in the 3″ trackball we had to reduce the number of buttons from 6 per player to 4 per player.


February 2021

Sinden Light Gun – Conclusion Fail. 

I spent the last month updating the software to work with the Sinden Light Gun. This included adding the white border around the screen for the various emulators. The end result was a failure. The gun does not work with the monitor on an angle. To get the gun to work I had to hold the gun so the monitor was on the same angle as the monitor.

When I tried the Arcade Pedestal the light gun did work but the gun would freeze in the corners, it was very jittery compared to the Ultimarc Light Gun. I believe the reflective screen on my television was causing some of these issues. When I compared the Sinden Light Gun to the Ultimarc AimTrak, the AimTrak was the clear winner.

Other issue I found, the software would drop the Light Gun and ask to be plugged back in. Even thought it was plugged in, re-inserting the USB did not resolve the problem. 

To get the Sinden Light Gun to work properly, you need a mat screen on your television (not reflective), the monitor must be perfectly vertical, you cannot have any shiny plexiglass or glass over the monitor. And in a darker room with very little lighting.

The Sinden Light Gun is a great idea but with above issues, it has some issues to resolve.  I will not be offering the Sinden Light Gun as an option at this time.

January 2021

Full Size Arcade 24 is now Full Size Arcade 27 – We have changed to a  27″ 16×9 LED/LCD IPS Screen. 

Stand Up 22 is now Stand Up 24 – We have changed to a 24″ 16X9 LED/LCD IPS Screen.

January 2021

Software update is ready – Added Sega Model 3 (Star Wars Trilogy – Light Gun or Trackball, Sega Rally, Daytona USA 2, Jurassic Park – Light Gun, Scud Racing, etc), Added more high score support for Arcade Games.

November 2020

SpinTrak Spinner –  Add a Ultimarc Spinner to your cabinet. SpinTrak can be use with games like Tempest, Arkanoid, Major Havoc, Mad Planets, Discs of Tron also Racing games.  This includes Spinner, large Flyweight and Black/Silver Knob.

$150.00 – each (HST included)


July 2020

U-Trak 3″ Trackball with Multicolour LED Light now available for Full Size Cabinets. 

June 2020

Custom themes can now be purchased for your Arcade Cabinet. Visit our Themes page for more details.

June 2020

Two Multicade Themes added to the themes page, Ultimate Arcade and Multicade theme.

March 2020

AimTrak Light Gun from Ultimarc now available for Arcade Pedestal.

February 2020

1. Increased game count, 256GB SSD now at 10,298 games and 1TB  SSD at 13,032 games.

2. Added 748 MS-DOS based games to 1TB version.

3. Added 28 ScummVM based games to 1TB version.

4. Mattel Intellivision system added 140 games to both 256GB and 1TB versions.

January 2020

1. Arcade Pedestal now available. Similar to the Arcade Stick and Stand but has a Lenovo Tiny Core i5 PC. Software is identical to the full size cabinets. Also has the option for Ultimarc 3″ Trackball.

2. All computer based arcade systems now include 256SSD hard drive

3. Canada wide shipping available on Arcade Stick and DIY Arcade Stick Flatpack Arcade Cabinets. Email us with your postal code for shipping quote.

December 2019

1. Raspberry Pi4 now available for Arcade Stick.

2. Arcade Stick Stand now available.

November 2019

Canada wide shipping available on DIY Bartop Flatpack Arcade Cabinets. Email us with your postal code for shipping quote.

August 2019

Software Upgrade – Added another 1,958 games. Now available Sony Playstation 1, Sega CD, Sega Model 2 Arcade*, Neo Geo CD, Panasonic 3D0, Microsoft MSX1 and MSX2, NEC PC Engine CD and NEC TurboGrafx CD. The upgrade is free but requires a larger 1TB SSD Hard Drive $150.00. HST included

* Sega Model 2 Arcade require a wired Xbox 360 controller to play (not included).


June 2019

New – Ultimarc Mag Stik Plus, Switchable from 4-way to 8-way operation. This joystick allows the player to lift up on the shaft, rotate 45 degrees and from outside the cabinet switch the joystick from 4 way to 8 way or 8 way to 4 way. So if you have a Multi game or MAME system and you want the perfect joystick that can be switch depending on what game you are playing then this is the stick to have! The Mag-Stik is not centered by a spring but using an internal magnet. A light action gives the ultimate in joystick feel and sensitivity. Also switches from 4 to 8 way mode from the top of the panel! This is the only joystick in the world which can be switched over from 4 to 8 way from the top with no lever or other unsightly intrusion. A sample of 4 Way games include Pacman, Ms. Pacman, Donkey Kong, Dig Dug, Burger Time, Frogger, Mappy and Pengo…

March 2019

New – Stand Up Arcade with over 9,880 Arcade and Home Console Games. 23.5″w x 29″d x 61.5″h. .

December 2018

New – Arcade Stick Control Panel with over 5,526 Arcade and Home Console Games. 2″w x 14″d x 8″h. Play the classics at home with your portable gaming cabinet.

August 2018

Software updates;

  • Added High Score and Favorites for Arcade and Save States for Console game. Also utilizes full recovery mode.

  • Upgraded to MAME .197 and HyperSpin 1.50

  • Added PC Engine, Nintendo Famicom, Super Famicom, GameBoy, GameBoy Colour, and GameBoy Advance.

  • Total game count now at 9,880

July 2018

Upgrade to SSD drive for $150.00. Improve performance and reliability with an SSD (Solid State Drive).

June 2018

Bartop Arcade 22 Premium – Complete theme package now available for the arcade cabinet and matching stand.

February 2018

Bartop Arcade Stand – Add the matching Arcade Bartop Stand for our Bartop 22 and Bartop 19 models. Measurement are 32 1/2″ high and 24″ wide with 2 handy built in shelves for storage. The stand can be reversed if you prefer a flat front. Bartop Arcade can easily be detached.

January 2018

Free software with purchase of DIY Kit. When you purchase one of the DIY kits below you can get free Retro Pi 4.3 with 5,240 games (Arcade, Nintendo, Atari, Sega, etc.). Bring your 16gb micro SD card and we will copy over the image. Software has been preconfigured to work of Xbox 360 wired controllers or Xin Mo dual player USB controller board. Simply plug in the SD card into a Raspberry Pi3. Full details, click on link below.

November 2017

Full Size Arcade 24 Premium – Complete theme package now available.

September 2017

Added Pinball FX2 – Virtual Pinball

 August 2017

Added  Atari Lynx, Sega SG1000, Sega Game Gear, Magnavox Odyssey 2 &  Amstrad GX4000 emulators.

June 2017

Update MAME emulation software to version .183 from old version .173. This includes all ROMs and CHDs.

April 2017

External USB Trackball and USB Mouse added to Bartop and Full Size Cabinet. You can now add an external USB trackball or USB mouse to play games like Centipede, Missile Command or Golden Tee.

Microsoft Xbox 360 wired USB controller support added. You ca n now play games with your Xbox 36o wired USB controller for 2 players on the Bartop and Full Size Cabinets.