Inventory on Hand

The below Arcade Cabinets are ready for immediate pickup

PacMan Classic Full Size Cabinet

Upgrades: Ultimarc Magstik Plus $44.99 x2, Ultimarc Red Ball Top Handle $19.99 x2, 1TB SSD Drive $49.99, 4TB External Hard Drive $129.99, PC Upgrade $99.99, NVidia GT 1030 GPU $144.99, PacMan Bezel around monitor $49.99, 8″ Subwoofer $44.99. $3,649.89 plus HST

Marvel Avengers Virtual Pinball 49″

687 Force Feedback Pinball Tables (Games), 7.1 Surround Sound Feedback (Haptic Feedback), 2x Contactors, 8x Solenoids, Shaker Motor, Subwoofer, Replay Knocker, Analogy Plunger, Real Nudging. $8,499.99 plus HST

Raw Thrill’s Dirty Drivin’ Stand Up Driving Cabinet

Includes 158 Arcade and Computer Racing Games, Force Feedback Steer, 8″ Subwoofer. $3,999.99 plus HST.

Sit Down Driving Cabinet – Passion Racing

Logitech G29 Force Feedback Steering Wheel, Logitech G Driving Force Shifter, 200+ Games, 32″ LCD Monitor. $5,699.99 plus HST

Ultimate Arcade Full Size 27 Retro Premium

Upgrades: Chrome T-Molding $49.99, 1TB SSD Drive $49.99. Total $3,099.97 plus HST

Donkey Kong Bartop and Stand

Bartop 24″ Standard – 24″ LCD, 8 Way Joysticks, Arcade PCB Board. $1,299.99 plus HST

Bartop Stand – $349.99 plus HST

Galaga Pedestal with The Home Arcade Board and matching Stand

Galaga Arcade Pedestal with The Home Arcade PCB board with 6,296 games, Save States, High Score. $1,199.99 plus HST

Golden Tee Fore Bartop 24 XL and Stand

Bartop XL – 3″ Trackball, 500GB SSD Drive, 8 way Arcade Joysticks, 24″ LCD Monitor. $1,749.99 plus HST

Bartop XL Stand – $374.99 plus HST

Dig Dug Premium Stand Up 24

Upgrades: Dig Dug Bezel Artwork $49.99, Ultimarc Spinner $144.99. Total $2,644.97 plus HST

29″ Bar Stool with 14″ Seat.