Optional Upgrades for Bartop (Standard/Premium), Stand-Up (Standard/Premium), Full Size (Standard/Premium), Arcade Stick and Arcade Pedestal.

Joystick – 4 Way (only) Joystick – Perfect for playing Pacman, Kong Kong, Ms. Pacman or any other 4 Way games. The joystick would not be recommended if you want to play any 8 Way games, example Street Fighter 2, RoboTron 2084.

Free Upgrade

Joystick – Ultimarc Mag Stik Plus Switchable from 4-way to 8-way operation. This joystick allows the player to lift up on the shaft, rotate 45 degrees and from outside the cabinet switch the joystick from 4 way to 8 way or 8 way to 4 way. So if you have a Multi game or MAME system and you want the perfect joystick that can be switch depending on what game you are playing then this is the stick to have! The Mag-Stik is not centered by a spring but using an internal magnet. A light action gives the ultimate in joystick feel and sensitivity. Also switches from 4 to 8 way mode from the top of the panel! This is the only joystick in the world which can be switched over from 4 to 8 way from the top with no lever or other unsightly intrusion.

A sample of 4 Way games include Pacman, Ms. Pacman, Donkey Kong, Dig Dug, Burger Time, Frogger, Mappy and Pengo etc.

Click Here List of 4 Way Arcade Games

$44.99 +tax each with purchase of finished cabinet (Full Size, Stand-Up, Bartop or Arcade Stick). Replace one or both joysticks. We recommend replacing both joysticks.

Trackball LED Light – Multicolor LED Light with the optional Peal U-Track Trackball.

Click Here List of Trackball Games

$35.99 +tax each

1TB SSD Solid State Hard Drive – Software Upgrade – Added another 1,958 games. Now available Sony Playstation 1, Sega CD, Sega Model 2 Arcade, Neo Geo CD, Microsoft MSX1 and MSX2. 

$132.99 +tax each

USB / Audio Port – Add USB port / 3.5mm Audio Jack to your cabinet or two USB ports to your cabinet.

Bartop or Full Size cabinets can have the second yellow coin button replace with the USB/3.5mm Audio jack. Full Size can also have expansion ports added to the admin panel (below the control panel).

Audio plug – you need to turn down the main volume for speakers if you want to listen using Audio Plug.

$22.99 +tax each

Cabinet LED Lighting – Add LED lights to your cabinet. LED lights can be place under cabinet and rear door.

$30.99 +tax – set of 4x LED light strips.

AimTrak Light Gun – Arcade Pedestal Only – Add a AimTrak Light Gun to your cabinet. Sensor bar needs to be installed on top of your LCD TV for light gun to work. Similar to Nintendo Wii sensor bar.

Click Here List of Light Gun Games

$132.99 +tax each

SpinTrak Spinner –  Add a Ultimarc Spinner to your cabinet. SpinTrak can be use with games like Tempest, Arkanoid, Major Havoc, Mad Planets, Discs of Tron also Racing games. 

Click Here List of Spinner Games

$132.99 +tax each 

Themed BezelAdd a themed bezel around your monitor. Available for Full Size and Stand Up Cabinets. For a list of Themed bezels, go to our Themes page and scroll to bottom.

Click Here for Themes

$49.99 +tax each