Full Size Arcade 27 – Classic

The Arcade Cabinet includes 11,740 to 15,317 classic Arcade and Console games. From 1977 to 2006, including Galaga, Street Fighter 2, Ms. Pacman, Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, Sonic the Hedge Hog and Dragon’s Lair, on your own arcade cabinet.

The arcade cabinet has a 27” 16:9 LCD monitor for excellent game play. The Control Panel has dual player controls with 6 buttons in Street Fighter format with a real 3″arcade trackball. The cabinet also has buttons for Player 1, Player 2, Insert Coin and Exit Game. You can pause the game and access the game configuration menu. The cabinet has a single power button turn on/off the cabinet. Dual speakers located above the LCD. You can also access the inside of the cabinet by the rear door. The marquee is also backlit, real arcade coin door and amplifier for speakers.

The cabinet is professional CNC cut out of 5/8” black Melamine. Arcade grade T-Molding to protect the cabinet. Black bezel and Tempered Glass are also included.

Arcade cabinet also includes factory restore for all software.

We offer different choices of arcade themed cabinets. Each cabinet will come with professional printed and laminated marquee, full side art, control panel overlay, front kick plate and administration overlay art work. If you prefer a different theme, please contact us for availability.

Premium vs Standard – exact same cabinet only difference is the full laminate artwork covering front and sides. Standard artwork only have partial side and front artwork.

-Full art work package, both sides, front panel, admin panel, control panel, and marquee.

-27” 16×9 Asus LCD / LED IPS Monitor.

-3” Ultimarc Arcade Trackball.

-8 Way Joysticks (can be used for 4 way and 8 way games)

-Stereo Amplifier 20 watt x 2 with volume control.

-Single power switch to turn on cabinet.

-Tempered 5mm Glass for Marquee and Monitor.

-Lock on rear door.

-Real Arcade Coin Door.

-Different arcade themes available.

Mini PC 3.4GHz Intel 12th Gen 4 Core, 16gb RAM, 500gb M.2 SSD Drive, Windows 11.

-Ultimarc IPAC-2 Joystick / Button Encoder.

-Xbox 360/Xbox One/Xbox S/Xbox X controllers now supported. Play Console and Arcade games using your Xbox controllers.

-1 Year Warranty and Life Time Technical Support.

For a complete list of games please contact me.

Cabinet dimension 25.5”w x 68”h x 33”d, weight approx. 175 pounds.

*Arcade Cabinets are for home use only. 

$2,749.99+tax Standard Artwork Cabinet with above options.

$2,999.99+tax Premium Artwork Cabinet with above options.

Optional Upgrades Link

Example Standard Artwork

Examples Premium Artwork

Full Size Retro Arcade Cabinet Walk Around

Arcade / Game Console Demo