Arcade Stick & Stand

The Arcade Stick includes  6,296 classic Arcade and Console games. From 1977 to 2000, including Galaga, Street Fighter 2, Ms. Pacman, Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, and Sonic the Hedge Hog, on your own arcade cabinet.

The Arcade Stick is a portable 2 Player control panel powered by the Home Arcade Game Board. The control panel has dual player controls with 6 buttons in Street Fighter format. The cabinet also has buttons for Player 1, Player 2, Insert Coin and Exit Game. The cabinet has a single power button turn on/off the cabinet. You can also access the inside of the cabinet by  removing bottom cover.

The Arcade Stick is professional CNC cut out of 5/8” black Melamine. Arcade grade T-Molding to protect the cabinet. 

We offer different choices of arcade themes. Each Arcade Stick will come with professional printed and laminated control panel overlay. If you prefer a different theme, please contact us for availability.

-Measurements 28″ wide x 8″ high x 14″ deep.

-Portable, simply unplug the HDMI cable and power cord. (6′ HDMI cable and 6′ power cord included).

-Wide enough to accommodate 2 players side by side comfortably.

-Approx 27 lbs.

-Actual Arcade buttons and Joysticks.

-8 Way Joysticks (can be used for 4 way and 8 way games)

-Single power switch to turn on cabinet.

-HDMI output

The Home Arcade Board (4 player option with Xbox controllers for players 3 and 4).

-Different arcade themes available.

-1 Year Warranty and Life Time Technical Support.

-Cabinet dimension 28”w x 8”h x 14”d, weight approx. 27 pounds.

**For home use only**

Arcade Stick

$599.99+tax – Arcade Board.

Arcade Stick Stand

$349.99 +tax – Arcade Stick Stand. Custom designed to hold the Home Arcade Stick inside the cabinet. Includes 2 shelves to hold you accessories, the rear panel has a cutout for the power cord and HDMI cable.

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Arcade Stick and Stand Walk Around

Arcade / Game Console PCB Demo