Arcade Cabinet Manual

Arcade / Console Button Mapping

Arcade Driving Cabinet Manual

Arcade Driving Cabinet Button Mapping

Arcade Shooting Cabinet Manual

Arcade Stick Manual Link

Arcade Games Link

List of 4 Way Arcade Games

List of Trackball Games

List of Spinner Games

List of Light Gun Games

List of 4 Player Games

AimTrak Light Gun Manual

Light Gun Reload, Calibration and Setup

How to Unbox and Setup your Pinball Cabinet

Arcade / Console Button Mapping

Overview Arcade Cabinet- How to use the Arcade Cabinet.

Overview Driving Cabinet – How to use the Sit Down or Stand Up Driving Cabinet.

Overview Retro Shooting Gun Cabinet – How to use the Light Gun and Cabinet.

How to change the 4 Way / 8 Way adjustable Magstik Plus joysticks

How to test joysticks and buttons.

How to adjust settings / sensitivity on Ultimarc Spinner

How to change button and joystick configuration

How to calibrate Aimtrak Light Gun

How to replace the CMOS battery in the Arcade computer and setup the BIOS.

Arcade Pedestal Change Resolution and Refresh Rate Video

How to setup the Arcade computer after software revision and

change computer for 4K TVs.

This video will show you how to enable audio via 3.5mm headphone jack, change aspect ration (for monitors with wider bezels), change video setting for 4K TV running at 30hz to 1080p at 59/60hz.

Some 4K TVs use 30Hz not the standard 60Hz for game play. To test this, plug in a keyboard and mouse, start a Arcade game and press F11. The top right corner will display the game speed. Normally this will be 97-98%, in 4K 30Hz it will be 50%. You need to turn off Deep Freeze (below), change the screen resolution to 1920×1080 and 59pHz in the display settings. Turn Deep Freeze back on and restart.

How to turn off Deep Freeze Hard Drive Protection.