DIY – Bartop – Standard Assembled 

Standard Build – Assembled 

Panels, LCD mounting bracket with screws. Hardware (Hinges, Lock, AC Plug, Power Switch, L Brackets, Power Bar, VESA LCD mounting screws), Speakers & Wiring, L Channel for Marquee, Light for Marquee, Plexiglas for Monitor and Marquee, Black T-Molding.

Control Panel has been pre-drilled for Happ Batt Style Joysticks. Sanwa Joystick mounts are different. You will need to drill a larger hole in the metal joystick base it you want to use Sanwa joysticks.

Cabinet will be assembled with above parts.

You can install up to a 24″ LCD monitor in the cabinet.

$499.99 +tax – Bartop each

$549.99 +tax – Bartop XL each

Joystick Assembly – How to Assemble Happ Joystick

Arcade Board Wiring Diagram – Wiring for Arcade PCB Board

Xin Mo 2 Player Wiring Diagram – Wiring for Raspberry Pi

Xin Mo 2 Player Setup RetroPie – How to get Player 2 controls working in RetroPie.

*Joysticks, Buttons, Joystick Emulator, Monitor sold separately.

The bartop cabinet will come completely assembled. Rear door will be attached with hinges and lock. LCD mounting panel and brackets are included but not installed (each monitor would be different size). Control panel is included just add your own joystick and buttons.

Full assembly video below