DIY – Arcade Stick

Arcade Stick are made from exact same materials as the Arcade Bartop. Measurements 28″ wide x 14″ deep and 8″ high. Arcade Stick has 2 Player configuration with 6 buttons (Street Fighter format) and 3 option buttons (Player 1 start, Coin and Exit). 

Control Panel has been pre-drilled for Happ Batt Style Joysticks. Sanwa Joystick mounts are different. You will need to drill a larger hole in the metal joystick base it you want to use Sanwa joysticks.

Hardware included (4x 2″ corner brackets, 6x L brackets, screws, T-Molding)

$134.99 +tax – Unassembled each

$199.00 +tax – Assembled each

Joystick Assembly – How to Assemble Happ Joystick

Arcade Board Wiring Diagram – Wiring for Arcade PCB Board

Xin Mo 2 Player Wiring Diagram– Wiring for Raspberry Pi

Xin Mo 2 Player Setup RetroPie – How to get Player 2 controls working in RetroPie

Instructions – Arcade Stick Assembly

*Joysticks, Buttons, Joystick Emulator, Game Emulator sold separately.

SHIPPING NOW AVAILABLE FOR CANADA, Email us with your postal code for a quote.

Full assembly video below