DIY Arcade Kit Order Page


QtyDecember 31, 1899DescriptionUnit PriceExtended Price
0Arcade BartopBartop DIY Kit Not Assembled2000
0Arcade BartopBartop DIY Kit Assembled 3000
0Arcade BartopBartop DIY Kit Stand Build Assembled4650
0Arcade StandBartop Stand Not Assembled2400
0Arcade StandBartop Stand Assembled 3400
0Arcade StickArcade Stick DIY Kit Not Assembled1300
0Arcade StickArcade Stick DIY Kit Assembled1800
0Arcade StandArcade Stick Stand Not Assembled2500
0Arcade StandArcade Stick Stand Assembled 3500
0ArtWorkBartop Standard Full Set1000
0ArtWorkBartop Premium Full Set1400
0ArtWorkArcade Stick 450
0ArtWorkArcade Stick Stand800
0ControlsJoysticks, Buttons, Emulator1100
0PlexiglassLCD monitor & Marquee350
0Bezel24" x 17" uncut sheet50
0Speakers2x 4" Speakers150
0AmplifierAmplifier, RCA / 3.5MM Cable, 12volt plug 400
0L-Channel4' L Channel (Holds Marquee in place)150
0T-MoldingBlack 11/16th T-Molding - 20'250
0HardwareLock ( Rear Cabinet Door)70
0HardwarePower Switch3.50
0HardwarePower Plug30
0Light18" Light for Marquee250
0Power Bar6 Outlet Power Bar100
0Pi4Raspberry Pi4 with power supply1300

The Home Arcade Order Sheet-PDF