DIY Arcade Kit Order Page


QtyItem #DescriptionUnit Price
-Arcade BartopBartop DIY Kit Not Assembled
-Arcade BartopBartop DIY Kit Assembled 300.00
-Arcade BartopBartop DIY Kit Stand Build Assembled 465.00
-Arcade Stand
Stand DIY Kit Not Assembled
-Arcade StandStand DIY Kit Assembled320.00
-Arcade Stick
Arcade Stick DIY Kit Not Assembled
-Arcade StickArcade Stick DIY Kit Assembled
-ArtWorkBartop Standard Full Set100.00
-ArtWorkBartop Premium Full Set140.00
-ControlsJoysticks, Buttons, Emulator110.00
-PlexiglassLCD monitor & Marquee35.00
-Bezel24" x 17" uncut sheet5.00
-Speakers2x 4" Speakers15.00
-AmplifierAmplifier, RCA / 3.5MM Cable, 12volt plug 40.00
-L-Channel4' L Channel15.00
-T-MoldingBlack 11/16th T-Molding - 20'25.00
-HardwarePower Switch3.50
-HardwarePower Plug3.00
-Light18" Light for Marquee25.00
-Power Bar6 Outlet Power Bar10.00
-Pi3Raspberry Pi3 with power supply and 15gb micro SD card100.00
-SD CardMicro SD Card RetroPie20.00

The Home Arcade Order Sheet – PDF

The Home Arcade Order Sheet – Excel